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by Desiree Ramirez, Women’s Life editor

The First Friday experience was a first for many. Alexis Von Bie Denfeld, a new EFP teacher at HPU, brought a friend who was visiting from Japan, and both were looking forward to seeing local paintings and sculpture. Chi was the tour guide for the evening.

The first stop was at the Bethel St. Gallery, where artist and owner Scottie Flamm was hanging out to talk to guests and patrons. The gallery has a wide variety of paintings in various shades of red and orange, and Flamm said he enjoys using bright colors in most of his paintings.

Next door, at Details Gallery, artist and clothing designer Roberta Oaks was debuting her new spring collection. It took only one month to create the collection, which consisted of various skirts and camisoles made out of vintage scarves and slips.

The group moved one block over to the popular ARTS at Mark’s exhibit hall where the Hawai‘i Watercolor Society was presenting its 44th Annual Member’s Exhibition. A reception with snacks and beverages was taking place, and artists were mingling with guests and friends. A few people on the tour participated in a collaborative painting activity that was provided for everyone where “you are the artist.” Students Wang Chiajo and Yasu Nitta added their own creative touches to the open canvases.

After a few more stops at galleries on Nuuanu St., the group dispersed so its members could roam around on their own. Everyone eventually regrouped at rRed Elephant Café for live music by Jeff Peterson. Graduate student and tour coordinator Chou was pleased with the number of students who joined the tour: “I am so glad and surprised that so many people are interested in art,” she said.
Weh plans to continue encouraging the students to enjoy First Friday’s downtown because every month there is something new to see, and it’s free.

Graduate students in the Teaching English as a Second Language program will continue to plan a new event every month that will expose international students to interesting and fun activities that are free for them to enjoy.e are only the tip of the iceberg this summer, so butter your popcorn and enjoy the shows.


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