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by Marquise Brack, staff writer


Louder Now owns up to its title and filters a dark and harder sound then the band’s previous releases, Where You Want To Be (2004) and Tell All Your Friends (2002).

Band members, Adam Lazzara, vocals; Fred Mascherino, guitar and vocals; Eddie Reyes, guitar; Mark OConnell, drums; and Matt Rubano, bass, collaborated with producer Eric Valentine to create a record that has launched the indie band into the commercialized pool of mainstream media.

Louder Now unravels the raw creativity of Taking Back Sunday. The album signifies the birth of a new sound for TBS that screams louder now than ever before.

“ MakeDamnSure,” the first single released off the album, has already diffused through radio and television airwaves, quickly spreading a rock-infused epidemic across the country. Other songs on the album—“Error Operator,” “Up Against (Blackout),” and “What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?”—transmit a post-hardcore melodic theme that carries a sense rhythmic fluidity throughout the album.

Taking Back Sunday began touring across the states with the release of Louder Now, and will proceed overseas into European music venues early this summer with alluring live performances.
Louder Now’s volume will pierce the ears of its listeners, and as the name suggests, Taking Back Sunday’s new album will enthrall its audiences and leave them turning up their stereo.



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