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by Kalamalama staff


International students from around the world dressed in their country’s traditional attire and set up booths on both sides of the mall to showcase their homelands through cultural artifacts, photographs, educational materials, food, and dance.

At 11:30, students from most of HPU’s more than 100 different countries lined up on the mall and then, carrying national flags and banners and singing native songs and chants, paraded through downtown Honolulu to King Street, over to Alakea, up to Beretania, and back to Fort Street.

Following the parade, students and thousands of visitors from throughout the islands as well as from the mainland gathered to witness lively stage performances of traditional dances and music from around the world. The afternoon of cultural performances was kicked off by the HPU International Vocal Ensemble

“ Intercultural Day is a wonderful opportunity for the community to experience and learn from the cultural diversity of Hawai‘i Pacific University,” said Ann Newton, director of International Student Services and advisor of the Council of Countries, which organizes the event every year.

“ With more than 100 countries represented on campus, the event is always a stunning and colorful celebration of cultural diversity,” Newton added.

Established in 1984, Intercultural Day has evolved into one of Hawai‘i’s largest intercultural activities. This year’s event was HPU’s largest, due in part to an HTA grant from the City and County of Honolulu.


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