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by Kalamalama staff

From Mongolia to Chile, and from Alaska to Slovakia, Chatt G. Wright has traveled the globe fishing every type of river and stream. And, he’s been known to bring back pictures to document what he’s caught and to show the beauty of a colorful rainbow trout or the sleek power of a large bonefish.

In March, Wright and wife, Janice, were traveling on Interstate I-25 near Cheyenne, Wyo. enroute to relatives in Casper. Janice Wright was driving, and President Wright dozed in the passenger seat. Imagine his surprise, as they were approaching Wheatland, when Janice said, “That’s you!”
Startled awake, Wright was stunned to see himself on a large highway billboard holding a giant rainbow trout from a past fishing trip.

The sign—there are actually four of them at various locations on I-25 and I-70—is part of a promotion by the Visitors Bureau of Casper to lure anglers to the area. Wright has fished there often and knows most of the guides and bait store owners. When these folks were asked by the Visitors Bureau to submit photos to use on the billboard ads, one of them sent a picture of Wright, and it was selected. But no one told him.

So, it was both a shock and a pleasant surprise to see his larger-than-life photo advertising the sport he loves.

No, President Wright is not getting any payment for the use of his photo; and yes, that prize trout was set free to thrill another fisherman.





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