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by Tiffany Garrett, News editor

The evening began as club members gathered on the ocean side terrace of the Monarch Room to socialize over cocktails. The banquet room opened at 7, and initial awards were given to President Wright, and Vice Presidents Rick Stepien, Jeff Philpott, John Fleckles, and Scott Stensrud in appreciation for their support of all the clubs. Following dinner, each RIO was given a chance to honor its most outstanding member. Actually each club got to honor two members, because each club nominated a presenter to make the award.

Then ASHPU presented awards to different clubs for special accomplishments this year. The most philanthropic club was awarded to the Graduate Student Organization. Two different clubs were honored for the Event of the Year: the Council of Countries for Intercultural Bazaar and the International Studies Student Organization for their A Frosted Affair.

The next awards were the most prestigious of the night. Grace Cheng who teaches political science and international studies and is the advisor for the Model United Nations Club and Amnesty International was awarded the Advisor of the Year. Cheng said “I’m very honored and surprised, since I know a lot of other clubs have done a lot of great events.” The Rookie Club of the Year was awarded to the Students of Essential Equality Club.

The last RIO award, for the Club of the Year, went to the Travel Industry Managements Student Organization. Advisor Dr. Jerry Agrusa said: “The students did all the work, and they deserve it. They worked extra hard this year. It wasn’t just one; it was the whole group, TIMSO as a whole and all the officers. Every week there was an event and they took control of a lot of it.”

The banquet closed with recognition of this year’s student council and the introduction of next year’s members. Erik Hanson, who is graduating said goodbye to friends and colleagues, and ASHPU advisor Jennifer Matheson, Student Life director, presented the ASHPU Member of the Year Award to Cecilia Kocinsky and Scott Smith as Hanson presented a gavel to Kocinshy, who was sworn in as ASHPU’s new president.


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