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by Jessica McDunn

The radio station held its fundraiser from April 5-14, allowing listeners to pledge donations to the station and affording them the opportunity to become members of Hawai‘i Public Radio. HPR includes four stations: KHPR 88.1, KKUA 90.7, KANO 91.1, and KIPO 89.3, and holds two fundraising drives a year because only 8 percent of the station’s income is funded by the Public Broadcasting Corporation. The other 92 percent comes from sponsors and membership pledges.

The HPU Press Club visited the radio station during the broadcast of George Bizet’s Manon. Although Jenina Singh’s first call was from a disgruntled listener who didn’t like having the opera interrupted for fundraising, it didn’t ruin her time at KHPR. “I never knew that people could be so dedicated to a radio station,” said Singh, who was surprised that listeners would donate hundreds of dollars for music.

Kaylee Noborikawa also discovered people’s intense dedication to opera, after she helped two callers who donated $1,000 each. “I thought that it was crazy for people to donate that much money,” said Noborikawa. “But at the same time, I understand it’s for a good cause.”

With five minutes left in their shift, KHPR and the Press Club were $135 short of their goal. The radio announcers broadcasted the deficiency, and the phones rang off the hook. “At first I didn’t think we were gong to make it, but we did,” said Tiffany Garrett, Press Club vice-president, who added that she enjoyed volunteering for KHPR. “It was a good opportunity to bond with other members of the Press Club.”



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