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by Kalamalama staff


On April 21, at Warmer Auditorium, Schliefer also led a discussion of the HPU Viewpoints Film Series screening of Stephanie Castillo’s documentary, Simple Courage. The film looks at how Hawai‘i dealt with the leprosy epidemic in the 19th century, and Schliefer discussed the parallels that can be drawn to how AIDS/HIV is being handled today.

The global citizen symposium also featured a panel of HPU faculty from a range of disciplines (international business, psychology, and anthropology) who are involved in a variety of projects that help them conceptualize their own place in the larger global community.

With more than 100 countries represented in its student population, HPU students had the opportunity to voice their opinions and provide perspectives on their definitions of what it means to be a global citizen.

Dr. Micheline Soong, event organizer and assistant professor of English at HPU, clarified the purpose of the program: “This event is part of a series of activities that provide intellectual tools and opportunities that encourage students to develop a working concept of global citizenship that will shape the choices they make in their everyday lives, and, hopefully, into their working careers after HPU,” Soong said

“ It is a wonderful opportunity for students to get their voices heard,” said Dr. Jeffrey Philpott, vice president of Student Affairs at HPU. “With such a diverse student body, it seems natural for HPU to look at defining global citizenship since many or our students are living it. We are exploring the concept of whether it is possible to both identify with one’s own culture and at the same time share a spirit of belonging in a larger global context.”



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