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by Larry LeDoux

The Lion in Winter, Maltby explained, is set in England in the year 1183. King Henry II has brought his family together for Christmas, including his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, a French duchy larger even than Henry’s England, and one of the most powerful women in Europe. Henry usually keeps her in prison, but he has released her for the holiday.

He has also invited his mistress, Alais; his three treacherous sons, one of whom is Richard the Lionheart; and Phillip, King of France, Henry’s rival for England, Eleanor, and his mistress, and Richard’s lover.

What should be a joyous reunion becomes a “battle of royal wits” between Henry and his queen that ultimately turns his sons against him and each other, and allows Philip to take political advantage in an attempt to destroy the kingdom. A look at the devious, manipulative, deceitful members of a dysfunctional family and a foray into medieval politics that is captivating to watch!

“ For The Lion in Winter,” said Theater Manager Karen Archibald, “we have mainly younger roles to fill, and we really want HPU students to tryout for the parts.” HPU theatre has been generally community based, but with the younger casts need for this season, Maltby hopes to involve more students.

Roles available include:

• Henry II, King of England, age 50
• Eleanor, Henry’s wife, age 61
• Richard Lionheart, the oldest son, age 26
• Geoffrey, the middle son, age 25
• John, the youngest son, age 16
• Phillip, King of France, age 17
• Alais, Phillip’s sister and Henry’s mistress, age 23

“ The ages are given by the playwright,” Maltby explained, “but that should not discourage actors who are younger or older than a character from auditioning for that role.”

Auditions will consist of readings from the script, Maltby said, and she added that scripts will be available for perusal at the windward and downtown campus libraries.

Rehearsals are scheduled for Monday through Friday evenings from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. and some weekend days as needed.

Auditions, rehearsals, and performances are held in HPU’s windward campus theatre: On the third floor at 45-045 Kamehameha Highway, in Kane‘ohe (just off the Pali Highway).

For more information call: 254 - 0853

Staff writer Susannah Neilsen contributed to this report.



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