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by Kalamalama staff


The site was so popular, and so many people added content, that the site’s server failed and the provider’s hard drive crashed. No backups were made. All the data was lost.

“ Well we’ve put it back up,” a PFAW e-news release announced, “on a new server maintained by a great new vendor.

“ We’ve also returned as much content from the previous incarnation as possible, but we urge you to return and help compile a complete Bush record.”

WikiThePresidency.org is a fascinating new experiment in grass roots American politics, PFAW continued. “It was about time the public had a single place to read up on the multitude of legally and ethically dubious policies and activities of the Bush administration.”

WikiThePresidency.org uses the same technology as the popular encyclopedia site, Wikipedia.org (which is also authored entirely by the public). WikiThePresidency.org allows users to post any material they have about the Bush administration wrongdoing, to edit any material already posted, and to create new topic areas at will.

“ We have launched this site with a small amount of content,” the release continues, “just enough so you can see the type of material we seek. It’s up to you and your friends to make this a truly useful new site for the nation.”

PFAW adds a caution, however: “This is not a blog for rants against the Bush administration (the world already has plenty of those). It has been created to grow into a resource for those seeking information on White House wrongdoing. Please, post only factual material backed up with links to reputable sources.”

For more information, visit www.pfaw.org.



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