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by Kalamalama Staff

In May, HPU nursing students and faculty participated on a one-week service program in Browning, Mont., a community on the Blackfoot Indian Reservation. They planted flower gardens, puttied walls, delivered meals-on-wheels, cared for children, and tackled a variety of other projects.

The service program was coordinated by the nonprofit Global Volunteers organization. The HPU group consisted of: Jeanine Tweedie, Jennifer Smithline, and Linda Rydningen of Kane‘ohe; Dana Ann Hopfe, Mary Elizabeth Iwalani Moore, Janice Haley and ReNel Davis of Kailua; Lynell Rogers and Nicole Lewis of Ewa Beach; Paul Fisher and Christine Curatilo of Honolulu; Dwayne Fedalizo of Waipahu; and Jana Eligado of Mililani.

The volunteers were motivated by the desire to be of service and to learn about life in a community different from their own.

“ I was impressed by the social programs in place to help the Browning community,” said Tweedie. “I saw Blackfoot traditions being used in a positive way to promote health and education, such as the growing of vegetable seedlings for families with diabetes or heart disease. I also learned that the Blackfoot language immersion program is based on the Hawaiian model.”

Browning is scenically located in the shadow of Glacier National Park. During free time, the volunteers explored the park’s natural wonders as well as numerous cultural museums, a local ranch for horseback riding and several trading-posts.

Global Volunteers is a private, nonprofit organization based in St. Paul, Minn. that offers short-term service programs in 20 countries. Volunteers pay tax-deductible service program fees to cover food, lodging, project materials, and administrative expenses. Fees range from $750 for one week in the United States to $1,470 and $2,650 for two- and three-week international programs. Airfare is extra.

For a current schedule and more information on Global Volunteers, visit globalvolunteers.org.



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