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by Christina Failma, Online web-editor


After feedback from faculty, staff, and students, Director of Student Life Jenni Matheson organized students, faculty, and staff to solve the problem, from a new design to new paint, furniture, fixtures, even a new floor.

“ We really want to provide a place for students to study, relax, dine, and socialize,” said Matheson.
On July 5, the Office of Student Life invited students to a reception at the old Sea Warrior Center to vote on a new look for it. Poster boards with possible designs were placed on tables and voting papers were made available.

“ We wanted as much consensus as we could get,” Matheson explained, “and we had to be very resourceful. The first thing we did was take care of the necessities before we decided to focus on anything else.”

When designing the new look for the Sea Warrior Center, Matheson called in the help of artist Roy Venters. Currently a member of the HPU Art Gallery Board, Venters owns his own gallery in Chinatown. He generously donated his time and talent to create the new fresh, hip, and intimate look

The center features many upgrades for students, including new comfortable sofas, more lighting fixtures, chic colors, and even a foosball table! One great addition is the small kitchenette with a microwave and hot water for student use.

In addition to providing students a safe place to stay, the center also serves as a venue for the HPU Viewpoint Film Series. Partitions now section off areas where some students can enjoy the film series while others can study or hang out with friends.

“ This small change makes a world of difference,” Matheson said, explaining that other students in the center had to be asked to be quiet while the films were playing. “Now, we won’t have to do that,” Matheson said.

Mid-July through August, the Office of Student Life coordinated numerous volunteers who made renovations throughout. Then the staff started emptying out all the furniture and painting the walls. Then, work on the floors began, with paper maché and paint. The final touch was to install the light fixtures and bring in the new sofas. Voila! The new Sea Warrior Center!

Join the Office of Student Life for the grand opening of the renovated Sea Warrior Center at noon Aug. 31. Lunch and refreshments will be provided, and everyone is invited!

“ We really want to thank everyone who took the time to help us,” Matheson said. “The results are beautiful.”


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