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by Kyle Galdeira, Associate Editor

Off Campus Meal Plan, a private company that provides meal plan services to nearly 40 colleges and universities around the country, now offers HPU students the opportunity to budget their money without sacrificing tasty, quality food.

“ The plan helps people budget,” said Patrick Mayock, HPU’s director of off-campus housing. “It provides a vehicle for parents to designate money [for food], and they know what it’s going towards.”

Currently 20 local restaurants accept OCMP cards. Some, like Papa John’s Pizza, Jamba Juice, and Big City Diner, have multiple locations on O‘ahu. Other eateries include: Chili’s Waikiki; Holimoli’s; Just Tacos; New Liberty Grill; Subway; and Wailana Coffee House in Waikiki.

According to its Web site, once a student selects a meal plan, OCMP issues them a personalized card. The restaurant scans the card to deduct the value of a meal from the total number of meals on the account. For security purposes, the card has a PIN number to prevent misuse, and a student’s balance and transaction record on the card is available in real-time on OCMP’s Web site.

OCMP began offering meal plans on Aug. 10 and the plan’s term extends through Dec. 29 of this year. A wide variety of meal plans are available, ranging from 35 meals per semester ($262.40; an average of $7.50 per meal) to 294 meals per semester ($2,014.55; $6.85 per meal).

According to OCMP, a “meal” is $6.50 worth of food, so in actuality, a student could deplete his or her balance before or after the specified number of meals is reached, depending on the prices of the food that he or she actually buys. For example, if a student goes to a participating restaurant and buys $6.99 worth of food, that would count as 1.08 meals. Additional meals can also be purchased online if a student’s account is exhausted prior to the end of the semester.

Beware, though, because meals can not be transferred from semester to semester; if you don’t use all of your balance, you lose it.

Mayock said that letters detailing the OCMP options were sent out to the nearly 7,000 eligible students earlier this summer. So far, about 100 have signed up for the program.

For more information, or to activate your card if you received it already, call OCMP toll free at 1-888-211-6267, or check out their Web site: www.ocmp.com.


Participating Restaurants

Bale Sandwich II
BC Burrito
Big City Diner (Foodland Marketplace, Kaimuki, Ward Center)
Big City Diner (Ward Center)
Chili’s (Waikiki)
Fort Street Café
Great Harvest Bread Co.
Heidi’s Deli
Heidi’s Downtown Bistro
Jamba Juice (Downtown, Kailua, Kane‘ohe, Kapahulu,
Ke‘eaumoku, Waikiki, Ward)

Just Tacos
La Taquaria De Ramiro
Leo’s Taverna
New Liberty Grill

Ono Cheese Steak (Downtown, Waikiki)
Papa John’s Pizza (Kailua, Kane‘ohe,
Kapahulu, Kapiolani, McCully, Nuuanu)

Planet Smoothie
Red Elephant

Subway (Fort Street)
Wailana Coffee House



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