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by Brandon Laan, crosscountry correspondent

Dalgaard amazes

It did not take long for Esben Dalgaard to make an impact worthy of a Sports Center highlight. The 6-6 Esben charged fearlessly at the gun, which set him up for a 6th place finish overall and helped his teammates capture top honors at the UH-Hilo Invitational.

Todd Iacovelli was HPU’s golden boy, finishing 25 seconds ahead of teammate Brandon Laan who was 2nd overall. Adding the finishing blow, as well as life to the trip, were Frank Rainey and Douglas “IQ” Higgins.

Burger breaks loose!

The HPU Women’s cross country Team attacked from the back to conquer a long and muddy Hilo course.

Running conservatively from the start, the HPU women, over the last mile, made the other teams look as if they were running backwards. Team Captain Inga Burger found her stride as she strolled to a 2nd place finish overall.

A new hat trick

“ In a sport like cross country,” said Coach Christian Friis, “each member is as valuable as the next.” But sometimes, one person will accomplish a little more than his or her teammates. To honor those accomplishments, the HPU cross country teams are starting a new tradition. Each week’s most valuable member will sport a functional hard hat for the men and a stylish red hat for the women.

“ If you see skinny students with unusual hats,” Friis said, “take the time to congratulate them for a jog well done!”


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