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by Kathleen Wilson, News Writing


He received a film degree and studied film at institutions such as City University in New York.

A few years ago, HPU expressed an interest in hiring Ing, but he wasn’t ready to settle into a job that would keep him stationary. He had other plans that included traveling the U.S. mainland, making films, and entering independent film festivals.

Last year, Ing, who grew up in Hawai‘i, had a desire to come back to his childhood home and finally inquired about the teaching offer at HPU. This spring, was his first semester teaching at HPU.
Ing is teaching Graphic Design, Introduction to Communication Skills, and Communication Futures this semester.

“ It is very different than I expected it to be,” Ing said. “I find it hard to be stern and not give students too much leeway, but I just can’t help it. I got out of college just a few years back, so I know that they are young and that they really want to have fun.”

When asked about using films as part of the curriculum, he said, “I like to think that the films enhance the material that I present and that it also gives the students a little more entertainment.”

Communication Futures student Ali Clark said, “Every time I come to class it is a different experience and I never know what to expect. It is a different way to learn, I guess. None of my other professors do this.”


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