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by Michele Shackelford, Women’s Life editor

OC Tunes is a legal site for downloading music at only 99 cents per song and $9.99 to $15 an album. One of the main benefits of this software is it runs on Microsoft technology but is also compatible for Macintosh users.

This program is all about the artists and is done directly online. The site allows any artist to access, sell, and share their music. It is estimated that by 2010 the site will have reached 10 billion downloads. The licensing program is nonexclusive and pays the owner of the digital content 55 cents per song and $5.50 per album in royalty fees. This is an easy way for artists to promote themselves and run their own businesses, knowing that their music and legal rights are being protected.

Jai Rodgers, a local artist in the band Buckzboyz, said, “It’s great because it’s like a combination of myspace.com, itunes, and Ebay.”

Buckzboyz’s new album Genuine featuring B.E.T., debuted August 14 and will be available at burnlounge.com, a site connected with OC Tunes from which members can download music and on which artists can sell music.

OC Tunes also allows others to have their own store, similar to Ebay allowing members to sell items other than music on their sites, such as apparel and band paraphernalia. This feature allows artists to build their own networks from the bottom up.

OC Tunes online is a great program for Hawai‘i where people can take the local sounds with them.


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