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by Christina Failma, Online editor


“Students, faculty, and staff have wanted this renovation for a while,” said Jennifer Matheson, HPU director of Student Life. “This new center provides a warm and inviting area.”

HPU’s mascot, Sharky, kicked off the special event with the traditional ribbon- cutting ceremony at the front doors of the Sea Warrior Center off the lobby of 1154 Fort St. Rev. Dale Burke led a prayer blessing the new center as well as the students and the coming semester.

Attendees were then treated to a special luncheon catered by Auntie Pastos. The large array of lasagnas, pastas, and salads left little room for complaint. Dessert was chocolate and vanilla cakes with HPU’s tradition blue, green, and white frosting was a must.

This event gave students the opportunity to look around the center and take in all the new additions. Students who remember “the way it was” were surprised that new furniture, fresh paints, a paper maché floor, and student artwork could produce such a rich, intimate ambience.

“ I think it’s really nice,” said Chanel Reeve, a third- year, visual communications major. “I really like the dark color paint and the new furniture. It makes it a lot more intimate.”

As promised, the Sea Warrior Center houses many new additions promoting student life, including a new ASHPU office. For students, book swap, microwave oven, and free foosball and billiards table make the center a more practical spot for them to socialize, dine, and study.

Roy Venters, the interior designer for the center, was at the grand opening to admire his handiwork. “I really like how the whole thing came out,” Venters said. “The most successful spot, I think, is the relaxation area. It’s very soothing.”

Throughout the early afternoon, students filtered in and out of the center. “The turnout was awesome,” said Rebecca Lopez, the Student Life Office manager. “I’m very proud of all the work we put into this place. I think it’s a whole lot better.”

“ There is always room for improvement,” said Venters. “If we can come up with the money, there will be more changes,” Venters added.

The goal of the renovation for staff and students was to create a more stimulating and friendly center. “I’m looking forward to a functional and exciting student center,” said Sharon Manibog, HPU Leadership Development coordinator.

Students agree eagerly. “With whatever little free time I do have, I’ll surely be here,” said Reeve.

Photo by Eddie London

Students stood in line at the re-opening of the Sea Warrior Center to enjoy the delicious luncheon provided by the Office of Student Life.



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