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by Jessica S. McDunn, University Relations

Enrollment in HPU’s Nursing and Natural Science programs reported record increases of new students, and current HPU students in all programs seem to be pleased with the education they receive from the University, according to Charles Sasaki, dean of Academic Advising and Personal Counseling.

“ We are delighted that a healthy amount of our enrollment growth can be attributed to the retention of HPU’s continuing students,” Sasaki said.

The international diversity of the student body seems to be an important element in keeping student coming back to HPU, according to Dr. Jeffrey L. Philpott, vice president for Student Affairs.

“ Our students come to us from across the islands and around the world, which really brings to life our global citizenship mission,” Philpott said. “Students begin an ongoing cultural dialogue with their peers during their first year that continues through graduation and beyond,” he added.

Natasha Baldauf, a native of O‘ahu and a student orientation leader at HPU, concurred. “This is my favorite time of year,” Baldauf said. “I enjoy welcoming new friends from nearly everywhere.”

“ Many HPU students are from Hawai‘i,” she added, “but we have classmates from all over the mainland, Europe, South America, and Asia. HPU is an ideal place for me to learn from students who are different from me,” Baldauf said.

HPU’s final fall enrollment figures will be available in mid-October.


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