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by Rachel Toyer, student writer


Having a place to study and hang out on campus is important, according to Serge Marek, an instructor of human geography. “It is a critical component for the University to have a place where people can study and socialize,” Marek said.

The renovated Sea Warrior Center accomplishes some of this, with new couches, a big screen television, a microwave to heat up leftovers, a new pool table, and a foosball table. However, given the number of students who have classes downtown, it cannot provide enough tables and chairs or couch space for everyone.

“ It’s hard to do homework on the benches outside,” said HPU junior Jessica Conklin, an international studies and justice administration major. “The other places to sit on campus aren’t well advertised.”

Fortunately there are other places on the downtown campus which offer quieter environments. In the UB (1164 Bishop) building, right next to the Financial Aid Office, is a quiet, second floor student lounge complete with tables, chairs, and vending machines.

In the LB (1060 Bishop) building, study tables and chairs are located on the mezzanine level.
On the second level of the Model Progress (MP) building (1188 Fort St.), students can study, read, or listen to music on an Mp3 player, with vending machines for snacking.

In the FS Building (1166 Fort St.), hidden in the back corner of the third floor, is a room with vending machines and separate cubicles for individual student study space.

While it is easy for some to type away on laptops or cram for a quiz despite being surrounded by lots of people and activities, others may find it rather difficult to concentrate.

Business major Jared Thompson said: “It is a great idea [to have student lounges on campus]; as a student, I really like to be able to go someplace quiet at times.” The students at HPU are fortunate to have places of “refuge” on campus.



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