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Chaplain's Corner
with Reverend Dale Burke
When all the shaking stopped, we checked each other out, checked the street and the neighbors, saw no major problems, discovered the power had gone out, then turned to the battery radio to see what was going on. No help! All the radio had was a pre-recorded talk show.

Not to be slowed down, we still went to the 8 a.m. worship service at our local parish, found all was well at the church, and quietly found the presence and strength of God in the candlelit sanctuary where the gathered community worshipped.

The rest of the day turned out to be family adventure time as we scavenged food without opening the freezer, took calls from family and friends around the country, and checked on others who might be in need. We were among the lucky ones as the power returned, to great applause, in mid-afternoon, and we could catch the TV updates of what was happening on the Big Island as well as the last part of a football game.

Events take us by surprise don’t they? When things happen so fast, we discover how prepared, or unprepared, we are to handle emergencies. At our house, we discovered we were sort of prepared but needed more accessible food items, another radio, and a few more flashlights. Our neighbors modeled preparedness: they had their own generator!

Being prepared is an important element in all aspects of our lives, not only to meet physical needs such as food and water, but also to shore up our spiritual preparedness, our relationship with God, to face any challenges of loss and destruction with hope and assurance. The Lord stands ready to receive us. May He be a part of our preparations as well!

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