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by Brittany Yap, editor


With the soothing melodies of HPU’s Chamber Orchestra playing in the background, inductees and the faculty who nominated them mingled and dined with President and Mrs. Wright, current President’s Hosts, faculty, and staff.

After an introduction to the event by Vice President for Student Affairs Jeff Philpott, and a recap by Jenni Matheson, director of Student Life, of the process by which hosts are selected, the inductees introduced themselves and thanked President Wright and their nominators for the notable opportunity.

“ My favorite part (of the ceremony) is hearing all the presentations from the students being inducted,” Wright said.

Senior I’amafana Tuimalealiifano was one of the new inductees in attendance. Originally from American Samoa, Tuimalealiifano is majoring in marketing and is the president of the Samoan Club at HPU.

“ It was my first time formally meeting President Wright,” said Tuimalealiifano. “He surprised me. He seemed real down-to-earth when we spoke.”

Tuimalealiifano said that the induction reception “was a wonderful experience” with “great food.”
The induction reception was hosted by the Wrights with event planning assistance from the Office of Student Life. Each inductee was given an HPU President’s Host sweatshirt. The night ended with a raffle for HPU gear and photo opportunities with the Wrights and fellow students.

More than 900 students have been a part of this program over the past 22 years. According to Matheson, President’s Hosts serve as student ambassadors of HPU at several social and business functions throughout the year.

President’s Hosts are students nominated by faculty and staff for their achievements in and outside the classroom who best exemplify the spirit and diversity of HPU. Every student nominated is interviewed by the Office of Student Life, and with their recommendations, President Wright selects the President’s Hosts.

The following are the new President’s Hosts: Andrew Abordonado

Chayla Danielle Adams
Anastasiya Ageychik
Paige Altonn
Tara Anderson
Natasha Baldauf
Henri Bouderlique
Samantha Brown
Sean Brunett
Sharelle Lynn Calpito
Jarrod Davis
Valerie Delarosa
Christina Failma
Julie Rubi Fernandez
Ethan Fitzpatrick
Dane Foxworthy
Sophia Gallegos
Jennifer Gambrell
Janelle Garcia
Samuel Garnier
Tiffany Garrett
Sean Girvan
Abraham Gruber
Jaime Gutierrez
Alastair Hannman
Charles Herbert
Cathrine Hovmand
Lin Hsieh
Angel Husher
David Johnson
Sharon Kai
Heidi Karns
Mariya Kirilova
Michael “Dean” Kline
Ka‘ula Knoche
Alicia Kubert
Fairicy Lamar
Ana Lautert
Nivemarie Leituala
Nicole Loschke
Danielle Luciano
Maira Marchini
Sarah Martin
Alfredo Medina
Megan Miller
Alexandra Mun
Kylie Oates
Ryan O’Grady
Alex Pawlowski
Jaclyn Petrus
Arata Pham
Natasha Piper
Martha Randolph
Zena Rengulbai
Eija Rissanen
Neil Rodriguez
Benjamin Schuler
Jin-Ju Seo
Michele Shackelford
Savanna Sibley
Travis Thomason
Stephanie Tolentino
I‘amafana Tuimalealiifano
Patrick Tyvand
Yoann Vamour
Troy Villar
Tekla Weiterman
Brittany Yap
Adam Yeatts


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