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by Kalamalama staff

According to Bob Cyboron, dean of HPU’s Military Campus Programs, both graduate and undergraduate students can apply for the scholarships for courses delivered during any one of the year’s four regular 10-week terms and three interim accelerated terms.

“ The scholarship can be used for any number of courses during the academic year, said Cyboron, adding: “HPU honors and supports those in the military and their family members who serve our country. This scholarship is a way to show support to the military community.”

There are four categories of eligibility for the scholarship:

1) Spouses of HPU students who are currently serving in an active duty status and taking classes in the same term as the spouse;

2) Spouses of service members who are HPU students and deployed for a period of at least 60 days during the term and therefore unable to attend classes;

3) Spouses of deployed service members who are not students at HPU;

4) Spouses of Reserve and National Guard members who activate for a period of 60 days or more.
For information on the Military Spouse Scholarship Program, call Military Campus Programs at the military installation near you or call Susan Cotellesse, director of marketing and recruitment, Military Campus Programs: (808) 833-0213.

• Hickam AFB 422-1032

• Kane‘ohe/Camp Smith MCBH 254-2687

• Pearl Harbor 422-0079

• Sand Island, CG station 422-0079

• Schofield Barracks 624-9881

• Tripler AMC 834-4008

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