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by Kalamalama staff

“We have at least 11 prize-winning writers in this issue, and the pieces cover a wide range of subjects, from a Hawaiian tutu’s younger days, and a Minnesota winter’s day, to a beautiful poem about a soap bubble,” said Patrice M. Wilson, Review editor. “I particularly love the cover this year, by Hawaiian artist Puni Kukahiko. The colors and symbolism are striking, and they are explained in the About the Artist section of the magazine,” she added.

“ Much of modern literature is not meant to be fun but eye opening,” said HPU President Chatt G. Wright. “There are aspects of its execution [here]that make some of the most interesting pieces of literary art.”

The Review was created in 1986 as a forum for student creative writing and has widened its selected authorship to include written pieces from contributors from Hawai‘i, the mainland, and all over the world. Submissions to the magazine have swelled to 1,000 annually, and include poetry, short stories, and personal essays.

The newest edition includes the winning poems from HPU’s annual James Vaughan Award for Poetry competition.

Volume 20 of the Hawai‘i Pacific Review ($8.95) will be available at the HPU Bookstore [www.hpu.edu/bookstore] beginning Oct. 16, and at all major bookstores including Borders Books & Music, Waldenbooks, and Barnes & Noble and its subsidiaries, amazon.com, and chapters.com, by Nov. 1.


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