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by Grace Liao, ‘06


If there is an upcoming college newspaper awards process, this issue should be submitted. It shouts of high quality throughout the pages and is bursting with pride.

I am particularly fond of quick reads that are helpful guides to get us through the day, school, family, whatever. There are a couple of these guides strategically placed.

I also see balance throughout the sections, and of course, the layout, design, and quality of photos, as well as the meaningful cutlines, are worthy of mention.

Tasteful, classy, relevant. That’s how I would describe this issue.
If I may provide context for my input, I’ve served as high school, college, and post-college editor, and have worked in various mass media. I hope you know my feedback is sincere.

Congratulations to you and your newspaper staff; the faculty, and the newspaper advisors behind it all.
Malama pono...Imua HPU.

Norma Kop, Center for Graduate & Adult Services

RE: World War III Article

To the Editor:

It was really disappointing to see the opinion piece about the current conflicts. It was simplistic and polarizing and really served no purpose. Whoever the author is (I hope it is a freshman student because then his “analysis” may be forgivable), he makes gross generalizations and discredits himself by claiming there is a consensus of opinion believing that the world is in the same state as the lead up to WWII.

I get a general sense from the article that the author does not have a deep grasp of world issues and relies solely on White House press releases and conferences as his source of information.

Is this author attached to any organizations? Is he a service member, is he a national columnist, is he a professor? His piece strongly suggests affiliation with a bigger organization, and if true this should be revealed. (Isn’t author affiliation disclosure a basic tenet of journalism as well?).

I hope that the newspaper will not carry any upcoming “chapters,” as it would be a disservice to students. While it is just an opinion piece, the amount of space it was given and the complete lack of an alternate viewpoint says to me that the newspaper is trying to push the same agenda as the author. While I do find his opinion objectionable, it is the lack of professionalism on the part of the newspaper that I find most disappointing.

Thank you.

Alissa Schneider, Admin. Assistant
University Libraries Admin. Services




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