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by Daniella Ramirez, staff writer


The Alakai Jaycees at HPU was created by the Honolulu Chinese Jaycees in 1995. The club helps HPU students develop leadership skills through community and organizational involvement. Moua joined the club in January and was quickly elected as vice president of Individual Development. In May she participated and won the regional competition and the opportunity to represent Hawai‘i at Nationals.

She was reluctant at first due to the cost of the trip, but the Hawai‘i Jaycees paid for most of it, and ASHPU covered the rest.

Moua was nervous because past Hawai ‘i competitors have always placed within the top three.
In fact, Moua said, she was trained by Marcus Pang, last years Hawai‘i delegate, who placed first.
For the first round in Speak-up, all competitors knew the topic in advance; the second round was impromptu, and competitors only had 30 seconds to prepare. Moua competed against 10 other students and took third place.

The Write-up was also impromptu; Moua competed against seven other students and took second place.

Moua will graduate in May 2007. “It was a great opportunity and a great experience and I would definitely do it again,” she said.



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