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Forwarded by Lisa Martini, Enterprise Rent-A-Car


Well, don’t despair. BusinessWeek magazine just listed Enterprise Rent-A-Car as No. 5 on its list of “Best Places to Launch a Career.”

BusinessWeek used three sources of data—a survey of career services directors, a survey of employers, and a student survey conducted by Universum Communications, a market-research firm based in Philadelphia—to develop its rankings.

“ It’s a great honor to be on the BusinessWeek list,” said Marie Artim, assistant vice president for recruiting at Enterprise. “We especially appreciate the fact that career services directors surveyed ranked Enterprise as the No. 1 employer for entry-level workers,” she added.

Enterprise hires about 7,000 college graduates a year and has a well-developed management training program that teaches employees how to run their own businesses. Nearly 100 percent of Enterprise’s current senior management—including the president and CEO—started as management trainees.
Locally, Enterprise hires many students each year, including many HPU alumni, according to local recruiter Geraldine Valencia.

“ Hawai‘i Pacific University has been a great place for Enterprise to find employees who want to learn to run a business from the ground up,” Valencia said. “We’re a company that believes in training and developing employees to become the future of our business.”

Artim explained that the company’s management training program enables employees who work in the rental car offices to learn how to manage profit-and-loss statements, control expenses, and implement a comprehensive business plan—a sort of MBA crash course. Within nine to 12 months, managers in training are typically eligible for promotion and get the opportunity to run part of the rental branch business as if it were their own, including sharing in the profits they help create.

“At Enterprise,” Artim said, “we instill a fun, exciting atmosphere, where employees are in charge of their careers and set their own pace for career growth.

“ Because we strongly encourage a promote-from-within philosophy, as individuals learn, they move rapidly into branch management positions and beyond, typically becoming branch managers within two to three years.”

Enterprise offers more than 1,500 internships a year, and Fortune.com named the Enterprise internships one of the “Five Best Internships for Real Work” during the summer of 2006. Interns at Enterprise are involved in all aspects of running the business and are given the responsibilities of a full-time employee.

For more information about Enterprise or its management training program, students should contact their career center or visit enterprise.com/careers



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