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by Tiffany Garrett, staff writer


The conference now has six women’s basketball teams. The Lady Sea Warrior’s head Coach Liz O’Brien said, “I think the inspiration to bring women’s basketball to HPU came from the fact that there were only about seven teams at the Division II level that didn’t have women’s basketball and four of them were in the state of Hawai‘i.”

The team got together and issued this statement for the Kalamalama: “We’re very excited to be a part of the first women’s basketball team. We feel very honored in starting what could be an everlasting tradition here at HPU.”

The roster was finalized three weeks ago. The team has 13 players: one senior, six juniors, one sophomore, and five freshmen. Four are from Hawai‘i, eight are from the mainland, and one is from Canada.

“ As far as this season, we’ve got a great mix of players,” said O’Brien “Everyone brings something unique to the team, whether it’s their energy, skill, knowledge, or love of the game. We’re expecting to have a great season, that we can begin building upon this tradition for all the future women’s basketball teams to come.”

O’Brien mentions that Lisa Russell, Tara Dilworth, and Marissa Maaske, the assistant coaches, are some of the hardest workers and most selfless people she has come into contact with in all of her years of coaching. “They are a vital part of building this program,” she said.

O’Brien’s expectation are high. She believes hard work, intense defense, outstanding fitness, and a better possession of knowledge by our players than when they first became a part of this team are keys for this year’s program.

The Lady Sea Warriors start off with a road trip in California before returning home Dec. 15 at 6:30 p.m. for a matchup against Central Washington at St. Andrew’s Priory.


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