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by Joshua Belen & Alicia Kubert, student writers


The event, which was presented by the Office of Student Life and Athletics, provided a safe and fun trick-or-treat atmosphere for kids and adults alike. Trick-or-treating was held from 4:30-6:00 p.m., followed by a pep rally inside the Blaisdell.

Tents lined the parking lot, each decorated by clubs participating in the Hoop-la. Each booth had a different theme.

When asked her favorite booth and game, an 8-year-old girl simply couldn’t make up her mind, and finally said, “they’re all my favorites!”

The United Samoan Organization (USO) chose the theme “Polynesian Legends,” and made a volcano out of their booth. USO offered all sort of games. At the water-balloon throw, kids used water balloons to defeat one of Samoa’s worst demons, Nifoloa.

Oksana Klynchnichenko, a second-year student from the Ukraine, attended this year’s Hoop-la for the first time. As an active member of the USO, she participated in the booth and enjoyed playing with the kids.

Other popular attractions included “brain food” (gift bags with candies shaped like body parts). These gift bags were given to young trick-or-treaters who participated in the Pre-Med Society’s life-size version of the game Operation.

The Psychology Club offered face painting at their “Halloweentown” booth.

The clubs competed for $300 prizes. One was for the best overall booth, and the other was a banner contest. Judges evaluated and scored each booth and banner.

The women’s softball team swept both competitions, taking Best Booth for their haunted house and Best Banner that displayed a basketball on fire going into a hoop with the words, “Drop it like it’s hot!”

At the rally preceding the games and prizes, Rev. Dale Burke and Student Life’s Lisa Doyle, emceed the rally by introducing the HPU Band, the national champion dance and cheer teams, and the faculty members who participated in a friendly basketball game.

“ The faculty basketball game was my favorite,” said Klynchnichenko.

There was also a costume contest during the rally. The band performed a few songs and the dance and cheer teams took center court to perform for the energetic crowd.

“ It’s not often that we perform as one big group,” said Rebecca Malak, a member of the dance team. “It was my favorite part of this event.”

After the women’s basketball team was introduced, they showed off their skills and provided a glimpse of what fans can expect in the upcoming season. The men’s basketball team was also introduced and warmed up for the crowd.



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