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Forwarded by Danish Dynamite


Unaware of what the day would bring, students volunteered starting at 4 a.m. by operating an aid station out in Hawai‘i Kai, handing out water and amino drinks to runners. The rain made it hard for volunteers to catch the empty cups floating down the street.

By 7 a.m. the rain had slowed down, but was followed by an earthquake.

“ Initially, we thought the ground was shaking because the cars were driving by,” said Mickey Kromann-Jensen, president of Danish Dynamite. “It felt like standing on a bridge when a heavy truck passes by, but we soon realized that there were no cars or heavy trucks passing by.”

Despite the dramatic events, the race carried on as expected with 750 enthusiastic runners participating. For the Danish Dynamites, the impact of the earthquake was not truly realized until the members arrived back in Waikiki where all the power was out.

For more information or membership in Danish Dynamite, please contact DDatHPU@gmail.com.


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