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by Melissa Lishman, student writer

Situations occur when people lose a lot of blood during surgery or in emergency cases such as a major injury. There are also problems where some people just don’t produce enough blood. These people are in tough situations. Blood donors keep them alive. HPU nursing student Ariel Holloway has been giving blood since high school.

“ I give blood every 56 days,” she said.

Giving blood may not be part of our daily itinerary. However, the Blood Bank of Hawai‘i, a non-profit organization, holds many blood drives across the island from ‘Ewa to Manoa, so you don’t have to go to them, they come to you.

“ Blood Bank of Hawai‘i has a main office in Honolulu, but they use mobiles to promote blood giving,” said Nora Akiona, the organization’s registrar.

One reason that people resist giving blood is fear of pain. But the benefits outweigh the negatives in giving.

HPU student Leslie Tovar filled out her papers to give blood to the Blood Bank of Hawai‘i on September 28 at the downtown campus. “The pinch of pain that you feel does not compare to saving someone,” she said.

There are some restrictions. In order to give blood you need to reach a weight minimum. Donators can’t be sick when they come in to donate and they can’t give blood six months after getting any tattoos or piercings.

Nadine Cruz, an HPU sophomore, wanted to give blood, but was restricted because she just got her tongue pierced. “The last time I (donated blood), I passed out,” she said.

Despite that, she still wants to donate.

“ Other people need it more than I do,” she said.

The Blood Bank of Hawai‘i is the only blood drive on the island, and distributes blood to 19 civilian hospitals.

The Blood Bank of Hawai‘i will be holding blood drives in November on both HPU campuses. They will be at Kane‘ohe on November 20 from 9 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. and at the downtown campus on November 27 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. For more information on giving blood, or if you would like to volunteer at the Blood Bank of Hawai‘i, call 845-9966.

“ Just try it at least once,” said HPU student William Dillion, who gives blood every six months.




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