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by Tiffany Garrett, staff writer


The event began at 10 a.m. as each society took group photos. Dr. John Kearns, assistant vice president of Academic programs and interim dean of the College of Business Administration, welcomed and thanked everyone for attending. Following him, Reverend Dale Burke presented the invocation.

Dr. Daniel Flood, assistant professor of marketing and management and the 2006 recipient of the HPU Trustee’s Award for Excellence in Teaching said a few words. He spoke on the idea of how HPU is a great example of diversity in the work place, and tied it into those students who are being honored, since there was a wide range of cultures represented.

After brunch, each honor society inducted their new members. Every society had their own ceremony and gave their members each pins and cords that represented their chapters.

“ It was an honor for me and I was surprised to be invited, I actually did some research on honor societies first, because I never heard of societies back in Germany,” said Pascal Weber, a senior advertising student from Cologne, Germany, who was inducted into the Lambda Pi Eta National the Honor Society.

Brian Metcalf, director of Honors Program and associate professor of psychology, said, “I am pleased and honored to be associated with such a terrific group of students and I’m very proud of all the students that have been selected in the various honor societies.”

He said he hoped the honors program would grow beyond its current 16 societies.

“ We are always looking for students and sponsors who are interested in starting up chapters at the University,” Metcalf said.



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