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by Alan Chang, student writer


If you have heard the phrase, “Swedish students have the best parties in school,” you better believe it. This year’s party was held overlooking Waikiki Beach, in the Hanohano Room on top of the Sheraton Waikiki. The elegant Hanohano Room, which is usually filled with slow music on Friday night, instead, rocked to music from the ’80s.

Christian Clemente, president of the Swedish Student Association, linked the popularity of the event to its reputation, “This is the sixth annual ’80s party,” Clemente said, “and these have all gone to build the club’s massive e-mail list of people who would buy tickets.”

Also it’s inexpensive to dress for.

“ I got my dress in the Salvation Army for only $1.85,” said Carolina Densten, an exchange student from Sweden.

It was the first time at an ’80s party for Serel Nilsen, from Norway, who is working on a Master of Arts in Organizational Change. She said that it was awesome, adding that she not only “tried to dress like the 80s, I did my hair just like the ’80s.”

Clemente said that the best party is still yet to come. The association held its annual Christmas party at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Nov. 24. “This is a formal party,” Clemente said, “and in the past, has been attended by HPU deans. Even President Wright might attend,” he added.


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