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by Daniella Ramirez, student writer
Samuel Moore, the new president of the club and an economics major, explained that more than trying to make students believe any perspective, the Reason Club tries to help students think logically about important issues.

“ Anyone can make a difference,” Moore said, “but they have to be informed.”

The discussion was opened by Associate Professor of economics and club advisor Ken Schoolland presenting some conspiracy theories —including the belief that the World Trade Center was destroyed by planned demolition and didn’t actually collapsed as a result of the high temperature from the airplane fuel, that an airplane did not actually crash into the Pentagon, and that the U.S. government did have prior knowledge of the attacks but didn’t do anything.

Even though students had different perspectives on what happened, Moore pointed out the importance of knowing the purpose and the possible agenda of the sources.

The discussion was followed by a showing of the second edition of the film Loose Change, which claimed to show evidence behind conspiracy theories.

The club is currently in the process of refocusing, but its main goal is to offer students a forum for discussions about world issues as well as with accurate information to get them more involved.

Sean Brunett, the vice president of the club, majoring in international studies, said that as a club “We show many perspectives and try not to be boring.”

The club is open to any student who is willing to think logically and become more aware of issues, and it offers a forum to which everyone can contribute.

“The different cultures and people bring different perspectives,” Moore said.




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