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by Angela Sorace, staff writer
When student members of HPU’s College Republicans didn’t volunteer, Wong organized a group of high school students to give leis to guests and wave signs. Wong is a member of HPU’s College Republicans and also the campaign manager of Paul Smith, (R), who was campaigning for election to the District 13 senate seat.

Wong is the personification of student political activism. He was a regional director for Lingle, but resigned because the campaigns were disorganized.

“ I’m strictly used to organized campaigns,” said Wong. “I moved with Paul Smith because he needed a campaign manager, and he has no experience in campaigning. His opponent, Suzanne Oakland, has six years experience in campaigning. I wanted to take the challenge.”

Six of 26 HPU College Republicans volunteer regularly at rallies and sign waving.

Why sign waving? “It is about creating a bond with people,” said Wong. “It is the aloha spirit. You have to look in their eyes, smile, and wave as they drive past you. Some wave or honk back, and that feels great.”

He was sign waving for Paul Smith at the time.

“ There are a few HPU volunteers, and no one votes because there is apathy, and that’s because many parties do not differentiate themselves. Both Republicans and Democrats share similar policies,” said Wong.

This is why Wong advised Smith to be aggressive and show he has his own ideas when the candidate met Suzanne Chun-Oakland in a political debate broadcast on ‘Ôlelo Channel 49. “I told him to show voters they have a choice,” said Wong.

“ Everyone talks about Iraq. If you are bitching about something, vote and do something about it,” Wong added.

HPU’s College Republicans formed last year under advisor John Karbens, HPU accounting professor.

For information on joining the club, contact Scott Smith at scsmith2004@gmail.com.




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