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by Charles Franck Herbert

During the event, TIMSO members helped with registration, catering, silent auctions, raffles, and scoring for participants in this entertaining and interactive event.

Nine TIMSO volunteers, as well as TIM faculty members Wendy Lam, Dr. Jerome Agrusa, and Dr. Joseph Patoskie, worked alongside HHSMA members to help make the event a major success. Event participants came from all areas of the travel industry and were met with great energy and enthusiasm from the volunteers.

The purpose of the event was to raise money for the HHSMA Educational Scholarship Fund, which awards scholarships to students pursuing careers in the hospitality or tourism-related industries. The money generated is also used to support charities within the community.

HHSMA has been awarding scholarships to college students since 2002. HPU’s TIM students have volunteered for the group’s fundraisers and community events since that time, allowing many students to attend this networking opportunity. So far HPU TIM students have earned 13 scholarships.



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