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by Brittany Matsushita, staff writer

Originally the color of mourning, Chanel caused a scandal in the ‘20s by turning black in to the new chic shade and was praised by Vogue Magazine, which compared the garment to contemporary Ford automobiles: high quality, mass produced, in black. The idea and Vogue’s support, launched Chanel’s career as a designer of haute couture fashion, and she began dominating runways and the fashion world.

Unlike many trendy colors of past decades, such as the turquoise of the ‘60s and the avocado of the ‘70s, black is the one look that has moved seamlessly through the years without the uproar and questioning of style and tastes.

Many designers have created their collections around Chanel’s LBD. When Donna Karen launched her Seven Easy Pieces in 1985, she centered it on the LBD concept and has yet to be swayed in a different direction.

Karl Lagerfeld, who now runs the Chanel design house, has created modern designs with the classic Chanel look, and is constantly sending black dresses down the runway.

Eighty years of couture fashion has established Chanel as the industry’s most influential designers of the 20th century, and her designs are popular with both men and women.

As Chanel once said, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably, and they remember the woman.”


Karl Lagerfeld worked under several designers before finding his place at the House of Chanel.

Adding a jacket and some pearls can give any woman a stylish look at the office.

Going sleeveless and some party shoes can create a great look for a night on the town.

A cute shrug and full skirt would be great for a late-night dinner.


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