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by Jermel Quillopo, student writer


HPU freshman Grayson Marces didn’t know what to make out of the props blocking the Fort Street pathway. “I thought that they were opening a new store,” said Marces, until he overheard a conversation with a production technician.

The Lost production crew used The mall’s many Asian eateries by placing signs written in Thai over their business names. For added realism, the crew hooked up laundry on lines near signs and strung between buildings.

Vietnamese Pho owner Vince Chaleuvxay said that the staging of the Lost scene didn’t affect his business. “It actually benefited us, and they were really nice,” said Chaleuvxay who added that the production crew used his business to cater on the set.

Hawai‘i HPU student Amanda Finn has been working for the well-known show since season two. She says that Lost has already film at several spots near HPU’s downtown campus, at the downtown satellite city hall on Fort Street Mall, and at a location near Nu‘uanu and King streets.

“ I love this job,” said Finn, whose duties include watching out for paparazzi and working with cast members. Finn admits the downside of the job: “I work long hours but hardly notice because I am so busy.”

Finn expects to graduate this semester with her bachelor’s degree in visual communication, and she thinks that working for the show is “an amazing opportunity” that will open new doors for her.

The show has had a huge impact on Hawai‘i since most of its filming is done on O‘ahu, and since Lost is one of the hottest shows on television. The action-packed mystery thriller from J.J. Abrams, the creator of Alias, is its third season, and is in its main characters include celebrities such as Matthew Fox from Party Of Five and Harold Williams who did roles in the last two Matrix movies.


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