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Aloha from President Wright
with Chatt G. Wright


This issue of Kalamalama features a report on the Fall Honors Brunch, held Nov. 5. This event honored more than 350 HPU students who were elected to our 16 honor societies this fall. All of us are proud of these outstanding students and of the achievements that qualified them for membership in these honor societies. Each of them has demonstrated both good character and high academic achievement, in addition to fulfilling requirements related to their major.

However, membership in an honor society is more than just an accomplishment for a résumé; it can also be a path for academic and career development. Many of the discipline-based honor societies schedule activities to help members strengthen their understanding of the discipline and explore professional opportunities. Members of other honor societies experience the reality of scholarly careers by presenting their own academic research locally and at national and regional conventions.

Of course, HPU’s honor societies would not exist without the support of our faculty and staff. Sponsors review the academic records of applicants, work with their members on chapter activities, and even travel with students to regional and national meetings. Our recently appointed director of Honors Programs, Dr. Brian Metcalf, is now planning for the spring Honors Brunch and Honors Banquet. He is ably supported by his assistant Debbie Bohol and by the interim director of scholarships, Hermania Kamai.

Mahalo to all of these individuals.

Thinking about the students elected to our honor societies brings to mind GPAs and course grades. And they remind us that we are nearing the end of the semester, when all students will have another opportunity to improve their academic records. I know that you will all be very busy finishing up papers and studying for final exams. I hope that the examples of the newly elected members of our honor societies will motivate you to do your best. And perhaps you will be eligible for election to one of our honor societies at the beginning of next semester.

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