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by Tiffany Garrett, staff writer


Her parents also inspired her love for the game. Her father coached her and her siblings while they were growing up.

O’Brien-Gorkowski’s impressive credentials are proof that she is well-qualified to head the new HPU women’s basketball team. She has been coaching more then 10 years at the collegiate level, and after working as the director of Basketball Operations at the University of Hawai‘i-Manoa, she was asked to join HPU as the first-ever women’s basketball head coach.

“ I feel that it is the opportunity of a lifetime to lay the groundwork, not only for this year’s team but the future,” she said. “It is a unique and exciting opportunity.”

O’Brien-Gorkowski was the assistant coach at the Hofstra University in New York, where she graduated with a marketing degree and lettered in basketball and soccer.

Prior to working at the University of Hawai‘i, O’Brien-Gorkowski was also the assistant coach at the United States Military Academy at West Point ending their season with a 15-13 record and third place finish in 2004-2005. While working in the Athletic Department at West Point, O’Brien-Gorkowski met her husband Justin, who is currently deployed to Iraq until August 2007.

“ It has been interesting as we have both been trying to build our own form of team in two totally different arenas, but each with its own growing pains and success stories,” she said.

O’Brien-Grorkowski is also expecting their first child in December or January.

“ Hopefully it won’t be during a game,” she said.



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