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by Anil Kunnel, staff writer

Atlantis, a screenplay written by PJ Tan, tells the story of 18-year-old Ralph, who gives up his nerdy life of ego-shooter video games and gothic music when a girl, his tutor, takes him on a trip to the beach. He falls in love with her but can’t tell her his biggest secret.

“ It’s like a teenage Nicholas Sparks movie,” said Liana Ho, one of the directors. “Casting the characters will be the toughest part,” adds Tan, who originally wanted to play the lead himself, but couldn’t. As instructor Lew Trusty, explained, the students need to concentrate on the making of the film, which includes directing, lighting, camera, and sound, so they are not allowed to take the lead roles.

Unlike ordinary film productions, which are organized hierarchically with the director at the top, the students will switch roles in different scenes. Group dynamics are very important, and this makes the whole experience new and challenging.

Umbrella Men, an adaptation of a short story by Argentinean writer Fernando Sorrentino, is about Daniel, 40, who shares his apartment with a weird man who wears a suit and a hat, never says a word, and never stops tapping Daniel on the shoulder with his umbrella. When Daniel brings home a girl, he has to explain who his unusual roommate is. Isabell Batenhorst has written the comedic script, which is full of hilarious situations.

I in Family, the last film, is about a more serious issue. A middle-class family tries to deal with the news that the oldest son might be a pedophile and murderer. Aware that the police will visit them soon, they try to make up a fake alibi.

The group of six filmmakers call themselves Breakfast Productions, a reference to their early morning production meetings, have already started casting. “Since pre-production, we have started auditions,” said Robyn Su, one of the directors. “We were surprised by [the actor’s] professionalism and by their passion to just act, not demanding a fee.”

All of the young filmmakers are eager to finish pre-production and to start shooting soon. “It has been an interesting process thus far and I feel lucky to be a part of a team that takes this class project seriously,” said Shana Logan of the I in Family crew. “I’m excited, because this will be our portfolio piece: a senior year project that brings together all we have learned in the area of communication.”

Students interested in helping out or sponsoring one of the three films should e-mail akunnel@campus.hpu.edu.

Fall 2006 student films:

- Atlantis screenplay written by PJ Tan
- Umbrella Men adaptation of a short story by Fernando Sorrentino
- I in Family



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