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Chaplain's Corner
with Reverend Dale Burke
It’s a new year, so for many of us it’s time to open up another new book. No, I don’t mean a textbook, notebook, or owner’s manual! I’m talking about one of the books that seems to have real power over us: our appointment book. Mine is red, and each year I cram in it everything: phone numbers, dates, meetings, meaningful statistics, movies seen, significant activities.

If someone were to find and read your 2006 appointment book, what would they learn of you? That you were a very busy person? That you studied a lot or were big on movies? That certain persons had large claims on your time? I am not big on resolutions for the coming year, but reviewing one’s appointment book can be a helpful exercise in identifying areas of one’s life that may need attention. Perhaps you’ll learn that more study time is called for, or more work, or even social time.

The good news about my 2007 red book is that there are still many blank pages waiting to be filled. What is going to fill those pages? We all have a lot of important decisions to make about how we are going to use each day. Each day is a gift from God, who invites us to use our time wisely by promising to be with us, always ready to guide strengthen and comfort. This is good news for many of us. To help keep your life in balance, join us for our weekly Chapel service every Wednesday from noon to 12:30 p.m. at Warmer Auditorium. All are invited!

Good luck with all the books you open this semester!

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