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by Susie Lin, student writer

Microsoft launched the new Windows Vista on Jan. 30, after it was announced two years ago. Microsoft has developed four different versions of the Windows Vista to best suit the user’s needs. There are two versions for home users, one version for business users, and an “ultimate” version.

Security of the Vista operating system is one of the major improvements that Windows Vista has made, because of the criticism of the security for Windows XP. Another significant upgrade on Vista is of the graphic interface to allow users a better platform for 3D gaming to fulfill the “digital lifestyle.”
Troy Villar, 40, an HPU graduate student and president of the Computing Club, has been using Windows Vista since the beta version was available in November 2006.

“ Microsoft did not make a big jump from Windows XP. The new graphics are great, but it does take a little while of getting use to,” Villar said. When asked about problems with Vista, Villar said, “For a power user like me, I do experience the computer crashing a couple of times a week.” Villar feels that the building of Windows Vista is not quite complete, “the sound driver is not as sophisticated as XP. It works, but not at its full potential.”

Look at Windows Vista with the competing Mac OS X, it is possible to see the improvements Windows have are somewhat similar to the Mac. For example, Vista introduced Windows Aero, which allows users to browse through all the open windows in a 3D fashion. Vista also provides a new Photo Gallery function which allows a much easier organization of photos with the tagging capabilities.

The Home Premium has been the best selling version since its release in January, said a sales representative from CompUSA on Ala Moana Boulevard. At CompUSA, the price of the four different versions ranges from $99-$399.99. With the introduction of Windows Vista, Microsoft has also launched the Microsoft Office 2007 which is now available in any major computing store.


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