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Chaplain's Corner
with Reverend Dale Burke
These are days of celebration and preparation for religious people around the world. For Christians this is the season of Lent, and in preparation for Easter (April 8), which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus who was crucified, many practice spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting, and devotion that draw them closer to God. Jews are preparing for Passover (April 3-10), which commemorates the historical “deliverance ” of the Israelites from Egypt. Many Muslims recently finished the pilgrimage to Mecca (known as the Hajj) to honor one of the Five Pillars of Islam and so be brought closer to Allah.

Seasons of preparation points us to those things in life that are important and that thus gives us hope. We all need hope! In your own lives, it is the pause from the busy-ness of midterms and term papers to be mindful of the things that give our lives value: our religious faith, our families, our friends. In nurturing these relationshipswe find strength for every day’s journey.

All are invited to find hope and strength at our weekly non-denominational Chapel service every Wednesday, noon to 12:30 p.m. at Warmer auditorium. Come on down. The preparations have already been made!

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