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by Sgt. Celeste Imel, forwarded by Susan Cotellesse


I have been completely pleased with the GoArmyEd system! It makes it really easy to enroll in classes and to manage educational needs while deployed. I like that we can now enroll in classes without the hassle of going to the education center and getting all the signatures.

As for HPU classes online, I find them rewarding! I have always taken online classes, even before transferring to HPU.

When not deployed, I am a single mother of two children, and in the Army I do not have the time to give to a classroom setting without taking time away from my children. I love that after they go to bed, I can do my class work and get my education in a way that is convenient for me.

I also find that I learn better on my own and enjoy the online class format way more than a traditional setting.

The only complaint I have now about the classes online is that some of the classes, such as the statistics class I am taking this semester, require me to download programs. Luckily I have Internet access in my room on base, so I can do it in my free time off of work, but I am not able to access it from work, because we cannot download programs onto the military computers.

It’s not really a big complaint, but I now know better than to take math classes while deployed. Besides that, everything is great and I’m really pleased with HPU and GoArmyEd systems.

Sincerely, Sgt. Celeste Imel


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