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by Paula Bender, OI Communications Specialist


With researchers and scientists focusing on the development of aquaculture techniques that are environmentally friendly, cost effective, and sustainable, Oceanic Institute also employs a support staff that assists in administration, information technology, maintenance, education, and communications.

Thanks to the Internet, people from around the world can learn about Oceanic Institute, and many who have an interest in aquaculture developments contact OI via the Web site. To improve its image on the Internet, OI has engaged HPU students in Associate Professor Carl Farrell’s CSCI 4911/4921 class, which meets evenings in the Frear Center, to redesign our virtual portal.
OI wanted a site that was easy to update, easy to navigate, and easy on the eyes.

Each department would be featured on its own page, with art and content that could be changed in a timely manner. Program managers, who often make presentations and write publications, wanted a place where these documents could be readily available. And although OI is primarily a research institution geared toward strengthening the aquaculture industry, it also includes an educational outreach arm that nurtures budding marine scientists from a very young age through, thanks to its affiliation with HPU, college.

The pro bono effort to redevelop OI’s Web site is being conducted by the Five-Star Team, led by Troy Villar, the project coordinator and a President’s Host at HPU. Student Michael Armstrong is the Five-Star Team systems analyst. Rounding out the group are senior programmers Naoko Hosoda, Chang Ning-Hsiang, and Nelson Kawada. The students use Macromedia’s Dreamweaver to create the site. As they spend the semester mapping out the redesigned pages and templates, the group is documenting its work and will present to OI a reference manual that will assist with Web site updates after the project is concluded at the end of the semester.




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