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by Jessica McDunn, University Relations

“I was offered a full-time management position before I even graduated,” said Maira Marchini, BSBA ‘06 in travel industry management. “The company was really impressed with my performance during my internship with Marriott and the experience I gained in several areas of resort management.”

“ Over the years, we have had several great success stories on HPU alumni, and this year we made offers to five students,” said Marianna Olson, area director of human resources for Marriott International. “We feel like HPU sets the stage for the students and works in partnerships with employers to make sure their students have the very best advantage starting out.”

“ I recruit HPU students for my company because they are hard working, practical minded, and business oriented,” said A+ Computer Experts manager Sean Tong, HPU MSIS ‘00.

For Tong and many other HPU students, the old saying is coming true with a twist: “It’s not just what you know; it’s who you know.” Island employers are so pleased with Hawai‘i Pacific University graduates that they continue to heavily recruit HPU students year after year.

Through the years, local and mainland employers have learned that HPU students have what it takes to get ahead in the professional world. The students have gained practical experience through internships and in the classroom.

Each spring, HPU’s Career Services Center holds a Business and Technology Career Fair that provides students and alumni with outstanding career and employment opportunities through company recruitment, information tables, and workshops. This year’s fair was held March 2, in the lobby of 1132 Bishop Street. with special information sections in the CSC offices.

“ The job market is very tight,” said Colliers Monroe Friedlander vice president Bobbie Lau, HPU MBA ’06 and Kamehameha Schools graduate. “HPU offers educated individuals in a convenient forum.”

HPU’s Career Services Center staff members know that to succeed in the business world, companies need to hire the right people for the right jobs.

“ I think the education I received at HPU helped me in my career,” said John Hancock unit manager Nash Subotic, HPU BSBA ‘02, MBA ‘03. “I think HPU recruits are ready for the business world because of the training and education they receive from the HPU faculty and staff.”

Students also gain an international and intercultural perspective while attending HPU. In his position, Subotic, who came to HPU from Sarajevo, supervises a group of marketing representatives and financial advisers, nine of whom are HPU alumni.

“ I like to have that HPU culture established in my office,” Subotic added. “It’s quite a challenge, since most of them come from different backgrounds.”

HPU makes education convenient for both traditional students and working professionals looking for advancement.

“ I chose HPU based on its proximity to my work and the class schedule availability,” said Lau. “My degree enhances my ability to do my current job better, adds value to our firm, and allows me to grow in my career and industry.”

“ I have had a fairly long relationship with HPU and been impressed with the quality and professionalism of the students, faculty, and administrators,” said Olson. “It is apparent that the staff and faculty of the University take a great interest in the students and ensure they have the best of services and opportunities.”

Carissa Ching (BSBA ‘99), is a human resources store manager at DFS.

Courtesy University Relations

Bobbie Lau (MBA ’06), is a vice president at Colliers Monroe Friedlander.

Courtesy University Relations



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