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by Marquise Brack, staff writer

Before its debut release, Juturma, it would have been easy to classify Circa Survive as just another emo-screamo-indie band, falling under the trendy, yet loosely defined genre of music that is gaining rapid attention in the underground scene. Juturna changed all that. The debut CD emits a synthetic finesse that distinctly separates this progressive rock band from other indie-rock clichés.

Lead vocalist, Anthony Green, from Saosin, and guitarists Brendan Ekstrom and Colin Frangicetto, from This Day Forward, collaborated with Steve Clifford on drums to produce this Equal Vision Records release. The album fuses the influences of their heavier musical backgrounds and injects melodic chaos between the metal rifts and Green’s potent, high-pitch wail, producing an unparalleled and intricate sound that is Circa Survive.

The album is laced with original strings of technical instrumentation, that help to polish Juturna’s overall complexity. Two tracks, “The Great Golden Bay,” and “Meet Me in Montauk,” are infused with a settled psychedelic hum that creates a minor divergence from the overall density of the record as a whole. However, “Act Appalled” and “In Fear and Faith” maintain the post-core dignity that defines the sound of Circa Survive.

Juturna breathes a fresh sound onto the progressive rock scene and is the product of variation between alternative and indie rock. Circa Survive will be touring the states this spring and is currently writing a new album.



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