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by Rhonelee Soria, student writer


Nintendo’s latest game system,Wii, (pronounced “we”) creatively emphasizes that the console is indeed for everyone, regardless of age. Wii also gives Nintendo fans the chance to finally get physical rather than just press buttons.

“ It’s so easy to learn and it gathers all my friends to play,” said HPU student Allan Agustin, 19.
He also believes that the Wii was well worth its cost. With its wireless controller, the Wii Remote, and the WiiConnect24, which receives messages and updates over the Internet, the entire package is being sold for no more than $250.

The Wii Remote, which serves as a handheld pointing device that can detect motion and rotation, is quite easy to use. Unlike other Nintendo controllers that may seem a little complicated for the average non-Nintendo user, the Wii Remote is in most cases self-explanatory.

“ It’s the easiest game I can play because of the remote,” said Ray Sales, 43, of Waipahu, who can finally join his kids in playing video games. “It’s so simple compared to those other high-tech controllers.”

Not only is Wii fun and easy to learn, but it gives players a good workout as well. Wii Sports, one of Wii’s most popular feature, has got people playing a range of invigorating sports from baseball to boxing in their very own living room.

“ It sure gets my heart rate going,” said Agustin, who plays with his Wii nearly every day.
It just so happens that playing Wii Sports on a daily basis even without any change in eating habits can lead to great results.

Just ask Mickey DeLorenzo, 25, a computer programmer of Philadelphia who conducted a six-week weight loss experiment by playing Wii. His experiment, which involved 30-minute workout sessions of Wii tennis, bowling, boxing, and baseball, was recorded daily on his blog at WiiNintendo.Net.
While also keeping his lifestyle unchanged, DeLorenzo’s weight fell from 181 pounds to 172 a total of 9 pounds. His experiment quickly received the attention of Nintendo fans and the media.
“ Video games can and are a great way to have exercise and not even know you are burning calories,” said DeLorenzo.

However, results primarily depend on the level of aggression one puts into playing these games. Wii Players who constantly move their feet, swing both arms, and use full-body motion are expected to see much better results compared to those who might just “stand there and make small moves.”
According to some Wii players such as Agustin, Wii can also get a bit dangerous. “Accidental swings” at the face of a bystander are likely to occur during competitive games like tennis and baseball.

Regarding danger to the equipment, the Wii remote has been known to fly and hit furniture when not properly attached to one’s wrist. Therefore it is highly recommended to be aware of surroundings and to secure equipment before playing any Wii game.



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