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by Christian Friis, cross country coach

After a successful 2006 season, HPU’s cross country team continues to shine. Recently both teams were honored with Academic All-American honors; both teams represented HPU at the regional championships in November. To become an Academic All-American, athletes must have individual GPAs above 3.0, an overall team average above 3.0.

Not only did HPU runners have good grades, but the men had the best GPA in the country with a 3.6 average.

Even though the season ended in November, it has been a busy couple of months for the HPU runners. They have been helping out at charity events such as the Straub Women’s 10k, and they participated in races themselves.

In the Great Aloha Run, Brandon Laan placed second behind former HPU runner Christian Madsen, while Esben Dalgaard, Kevin Enriques, Frank Rainey, Quinn Horochuk, Wendy Darling, Masako Sagawa, and Elizabeth Johnson all ran great races.

In the Straub Women’s 10k on March 4, Inga Buerger, Wendy Darling, Quinn Horochuk, and Masako Sagawa all placed in their age groups, while former HPU standout Sayuri Kusutani ran away with top honors.

Brandon Laan and Esben Dalgaard have been active in track series at the University of Hawai‘i, while Kevin Enriques won several road races in the past two months.


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