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by Nikita Mendonca, student writer

Nineteen-year-old Melissa Lishman’s life resembles a daily juggling act, the only difference being that instead of the conventional equipment she juggles school, work, a radio internship, Spirit Club events, her spirituality, and her personal life. This is common among college students.

“ All the things I put into my life are things that I need to achieve my goals,” said Lishman.

Lishman, a sophomore who is working on a degree in journalism with a minor in visual communications, is a full-time student. She attends classes on Tuesday and Thursday from 10:45 a.m. until 5:15 p.m.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, Lishman works at her internship with Visionary Related Entertainment, a team of local radio stations. “I’m actually an intern for four different radio stations,” said Lishman.

As a VRE intern, Lishman works in the promotions area, which involves things like coordinating movie premieres and setting up sound systems. She can also be found at outdoor events that promote outside industries such as Pepsi’s new flavors.

“ This internship is pushing me in the right direction of where I want to be in life,” said Lishman. “I don’t want to be ordinary, I want to be more than ordinary, and sometimes that means doing the dirty work, the hard work.”

She said the internship is also good for networking.

Mondays are normally reserved for intern meetings and office work, while Wednesdays are used for radio events’ which last five to eight hours each.

“ On Saturday mornings, along with the other interns, I have my own show on 102.7,” said Lishman. “It’s like an outlet for us because we can create our own program, and it’s a great opportunity because the experience gained will benefit all of us in our future careers.”

On Fridays, Lishman works part time at Ralph Lauren Polo from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m., and her Saturdays are set aside for HPU Spirit Club sports games. As a Spirit Club member, Lishman is required to attend a specific number of games and do volunteer work such as hosting at the information tables on Fort Street Mall.

“ The Spirit Club is priority in my entire schedule,” said Lishman. “I know some people may look down on the Spirit Club, saying that we only go to the games because we’re paid to, but I feel I’m one who enjoys going. It gives me a sense of school involvement and it’s helping to put me through college.”

On top of that, Lishman is on the committee for her church ministry, which meets every other Tuesday.

Lishman admits that with everything on her plate, sometimes it is difficult to successfully juggle everything in her life. “Sometimes things will conflict, and I have to ask myself ‘What’s more important?’ knowing that I have to let someone down.”

According to Lishman, having such a busy schedule can be both physically and emotionally draining.
“ Physically, I sometimes don’t want to wake up to do the things I need to do. Sometimes I feel like I need to just stop. But I know my boundaries; I take a break and start again,” she said.

“ Mentally I feel like my schedule makes me stronger as an individual, and that helps me ignore the physically challenging days.”

In addition, setting aside time for a personal life is difficult, yet it is a very important component in balancing such a busy lifestyle.

“ It’s hard to have a personal life, but I have one. A girl needs to let loose,” said Lishman. “With everything I put on my plate, I feel like a need a breather; I’ll go to the beach, clubbing, or out with friends.”

She added that despite her busy schedule, she does find enough time to sleep.

Lishman has to sacrifice a lot of personal time, but, she said, “I know what I want in life, and I’d rather get there sooner than later.”

Her advice to others: “As a student, if you feel like giving up, keep pushing yourself and keep in mind that goal of where you want to end up.”


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