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by Laura L. Garrison, HPU Distance Education librarian

You’ve got a cell phone. You’ve got a computer. You’ve got a high-speed connection. You think you’re wired and ready to start your research.

But unless you’re connected to the HPU libraries, you may not know what you’re missing.
“ One of the biggest myths around is that everything is on the Internet,” said Janet Moelzer, Information Literacy librarian. “The visible Web is only a small portion of the online materials. The invisible Web includes resources available through HPU’s Pipeline, like the library catalog, databases, eBooks, and much more. In addition, some information is actually easier to find in print than online.”

To access the libraries resources, log in to HPU Pipeline and click on the Libraries tab. The HPU libraries offer a growing collection of books, periodicals, and other source material. The library also has an extensive collection of online journals and databases to meet the specialized needs of student and faculty researchers.

“ Our library offers the best of both worlds—extensive print works and some of the finest electronic resources available,” explained Stefanie Sasaki, electronic resources librarian. “We provide online collections, free of charge to our students in the same way that we provide books, journals, and other resources that you can log on 24/7 from your personal computer.”

Using the library has never been faster, easier, or more comfortable. The library has computers with Internet connections, wireless access, group study rooms, and individual study carrels.

Most important, there are librarians to help students find what they need, whether a book, journal, or database. “Unlike the classroom, in the library you’re not expected to know all the answers,” said Sharman Meehan, social sciences librarian. “Librarians are like human search engines. Our job is to help you find the answers.”

To help students sharpen their research skills, the library offers: Online tutorials, library guides, e-resource guides, and useful Internet sites. Call or e-mail Laura Garrison at Meader Library 356-5290, lgarrison@hpu.edu.


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